Until muse.ai came along, videos were a bit like information black-boxes. You could see their contents by watching the full duration, but finding specific moments was a slow, laborious process. Simply put, videos were not searchable, or easy to navigate.

The easiest way to overcome these issues is by transcribing what is said in the video. With muse.ai, every video you upload is transcribed. Just drag and drop.

Once your videos are uploaded to muse.ai, our artificial intelligence analyzes and indexes them based on their contents. In fact, transcribed speech is just one of the many dimensions we analyze – we also help you find text, objects, people, sounds, and much more. Once the analysis is complete, you will find an automatically generated transcript on the video page.

This transcript is interactive, which means you can click on words to skip to the moment where they're spoken, and can be easily edited, so you can give it that final human touch.

Video transcription done seamlessly for you, with muse.ai. Try it free