As creators strive to produce engaging and informative videos, they face the perpetual challenge of managing time-consuming tasks, such as generating video chapters, writing descriptions, or making anouncements on social media. Enter the AI Assistant, fueled by the power of generative AI and ChatGPT, a groundbreaking solution that has revolutionized the creative process, we are now empowering creators with seamless automation of video-related content writing.

By feeding video content into ChatGPT's advanced algorithms, the AI Assistant becomes your versatile creative partner, empowering content creators to optimize their videos, enhance accessibility, and provide personalized experiences to their audience.

In this blog post, we embark on an exciting journey into the world of AI-driven video content creation, exploring how the integration of ChatGPT within's AI Assistant brings forth a myriad of new possibilities, revolutionizing the way we produce and interact with video content.

How AI Assistant Works

The AI Assistant works by supplying video transcript and metadata to a generative conversational AI model in a way that's optimized for video content understanding.

The model is then ready to immediately respond to user queries about the video. To make the most common tasks easier, we provide you with a set of tried and tested commands for generating video summaries, chapters, social media posts, and more.

Content Writing Assistant

The AI Assistant greatly reduces if not completely eliminates all video-related content writing work in a variety in use cases.

Video course creators can use it to write attention-grabbing titles and announcements of new episodes, or generate chapters that you can then use in our player to indicate different segments of the video.

Teams can upload their video calls and easily extract main takeaways and actionable items, and even ask the AI Assistant to draft a follow-up email.

Creatives can take it a step further and, for example, ask the AI Assistant to generate dialogues, offer improvements, or even brainstorm new script ideas. You can even ask it to role play as one of the characters!

Empowering Q&A Interactions

While it is already irreplaceable for content writing tasks for your own videos, the AI Assistant can even help engage with your audience. We're currently working on a version of AI Assistant that you can embed on your website alongside the videos.

Using the embedded AI Assistant your viewers can ask questions about the video, clarify terms mentioned there, or even ask it to find specific moments in the video, that they can simply navigate to by clicking the presented timestamp.

Lights, Camera, Interaction!

With the AI Assistant, powered by generative AI technology, by our side, the world of video content has seen a paradigm shift. The once-static screen has evolved into an interactive canvas, where creators and viewers collaborate seamlessly with AI to craft, enhance, and engage like never before.

From seamlessly merging virtual and augmented reality with video content to enabling intuitive voice-controlled editing, the AI Assistant's evolution is poised to enhance every facet of the creative process. And we're excited to be there with you along the way!

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